Monday, February 20, 2006

Why I hate Provera and other stuff that happened this weekend

Okay, so I've taken Provera before. It worked like a charm. The day after I took my last pill, my period came and wasn't too bad. I had no side effects from the medicine and thought this time would be much the same.

"Ha!" said Provera.

This time... I've had just about every negative side effect listed. Moodiness? Check. Crying jags? Check. Cramps? Check. Nausea? Headaches? Hunger & Bloating? Triple check.

So needless to say, I haven't been a happy camper. Or very pleasant to be around. Poor hubby.

Oh, and note to self or other Provera takers. Provera will elevate your BBT. This is because it is progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that elevates your BBT. So you did not ovulate, no matter what Fertility Friend says. Just FYI. But hey, enjoy those pretty red lines!

I'm attempting to make this a blog that goes beyond my rambling and whining about not having a baby and what I have to do to get one (which is NOTHING compared to what others go through. So seriously? Stop whining already). So this weekend Mr. SilentlyHoping and I went shopping! SHOPPING! The Mr. does not like to go shopping. I, on the other hand, L.O.V.E. it. I'll shop all day and not buy a thing. And be completely happy. Its the thrill of the hunt or something.

But we did some major damage. Mr. SilentlyHoping needed some new pants for work pretty badly, so we scoured every store. Okay... you know how there are big and tall stores? There also needs to be skinny and tall stores, because there were no 32x34 pants to speak of. And forget it if you actually wanted 32x36. I've decided that they don't exist and you can't convince me otherwise.

But we did end up finding some. Thank you Foleys! Along with a beautiful sports coat that was on sale. And a Kitchenaid Mixer (for me.... my Valentine's Day present... its so wonderful!). And some new wonderful sheets! And a new purse. And a massager thingy... Ah... what a great day!

So I'm noticing that I write this blog like a ton of people read it. I'm not sure if they do. Hopefully I'm more entertaining when I think people are watching.


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I had to know who all read my blog too. You can get a free and easy stats tracker at :)


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