Thursday, February 23, 2006


I didn't realize it had been a couple of days since posting. Work has been kicking my butt lately. Well... its been kicking my butt since I took the job, because I came on during a time of transition (several people left at once including the boss). I keep expecting it to slow down, but as more and more people learn about our office, more people want our help. Thus... more work. At least its job security, right? But man. I'm sleepy!

Have I mentioned that I'm a dancer? I've danced since I was 6 years old. I took 6 years off for college and after college, but have recently gone back. Its been amazing. I couldn't believe that after 6 years, I got all my skills back. I'm not as flexible as I used to be, but its coming along. I'm dancing with the teens in the highest group in the dance studio. Which is wonderful and scary! Its been fun to learn new skills and new dances. We're dancing in a recital in May, and yay! I'm so excited!

But in our jazz dance, we perform a back roll. But during this roll, we end up on our shoulders with our legs in a split in the air. To do this, you have to tilt your head to one side and roll mostly on one shoulder. Well, apparently I was rolling on the wrong shoulder (which makes me lean differently than the rest of the girls). So as I was trying to learn to roll on the other shoulder I did something stupid...

I forgot to tilt my head! AHHH! pain pain pain.

So I ended up not hurting myself as much as I could have. I pulled all the muscles in my upper back, neck, and back of my head. So I'm in a bit of pain. Thank God for advil, right?

Not much on the whole trying to have a baby scene. I'm on my 7th day of provera. So hopefully soon my period will come and we can start the first cycle of clomid.


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