Saturday, March 25, 2006

The 2 week wait

Okay, so the 2 week wait (2ww) will drive perfectly normal people completely insane. Between ovulating (which, I'm still SO excited about) and getting or not getting your period is this weird time of waiting and wondering. I tend to go between several different emotions during this time:

1. OMG, my boobs are sore! I'm pregnant! Yay!
2. Oh, cramps... af must be coming. Oh well.
3. Wait... don't cramps happen at the beginning too? Yay!
4. My progestrone level was low... its not likely I'm pregnant. Get over it!
5. La la la... oh wait... didn't I ovuate this month? YAY!

So yeah. I alternate between being just SURE I'm pregnant, because seriously? I WOULD know right? (go ahead.... laugh.... I'll wait.). And being so completely sure I'm NOT pregnant that I go out and buy boatloads of tampons and advil. And then there's the rare moments that I completely forget that I could be pregnant or that I'm even trying at all. These moments are precious. Finally, a time where I'm not worrying about what I'm doing, when the baby would be due, what that pain in my side could be... etc. And its pretty exciting when I remember that I might actually have a chance this month. :o)

So I went to the doctor's office for my last blood draw of this cycle. It is the HCG test to see if I'm pregnant. The nurse and I talked for awhile before she drew the blood and discussed my less than stellar results from the previous draws and my chart that I had brought in. She said that my estradiol level was fine since it was over 100 (not the original story, but whatever). But that they like to see the progestrone level at 11 or higher. Mine was 8.9. She assured me that this didn't mean I wouldn't get pregnant, but that it was less likely. They've seen people get pregnant with a level of 9 or 10, but just not very often. She said the reason she warned me about it being low was because she rather me be surprised with a positive test than a negative test. She then told me that it WILL happen. That is exactly what I needed to hear at that point. I almost cried; it was so relieving.

I should get my period (or not) sometime in the next couple of days. I'm 11 days past ovulation right now and usually your period comes at 14 days past ovulation or so (or around Tuesday). I can call Monday and get the results of my blood test. I'm kinda expecting a negative right now... but we'll see what the next 30 minutes hold in store.


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