Monday, March 13, 2006

Aha! Two posts in one day

Aren't you so lucky?

Okay, so what's going on in the trying to conceive front? Yeah, I haven't talked much about that, because man... its boring to wait to ovulate!

I took my clomid cycle days 5-9. It went okay, actually. A lot better than I expected. So now I'm just waiting to ovlate. I'm CD 15, and according to my cm, I'm really close. But that's been known to confuse me before, so I'm trying not to read too much into it.

I've been feeling a lot more twinges and pains in my ovary area. I haven't felt some of these before. So, even if I don't ovulate this month, I feel pretty confident that the clomid is doing something.

I've decided that my goal for this month is not to get pregnant. Its just to ovulate. I mean, if I do get pregnant, I'd be so excited. But I'm trying to keep an open mind, because the odds of getting pregnant on the first try (even if you aren't on fertility drugs) is very low. And since I haven't ovulated yet in this process, I'd really love to see some ovulation!

I went on Friday for my first round of blood work. They had to poke me FOUR times in order to get one ml of blood. My veins suck. :o) This is the one that's supposed to see if I'm getting ready to ovulate. I'll get the results today and I'm just hoping for some good news.

So... I'm just waiting for some sign of that ovulation occured! That would just make my week.


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