Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh yeah... test results

How in the world could I have forgotten to write about my test results?

Well, the first blood draw was for estradiol. Apparently this needs to be pretty high so that ovulation will occur (or something like that). Mine was about 130-ish (or 160-ish, I forget). My doctors office likes it to be above 200. That means 2 things -- ovulation is unlikely (but not impossible) and they'll give me a larger dose of clomid on the next cycle.

However, the internet (oh plethora of infertility information that it is) says that the estradiol level only needs to be above 100. So I'm not sure who to believe. Google hasn't failed me yet, though.

But I guess this one isn't completely a bust, because I asked the nurse if she wanted me to not come in for the ovulation draw and if we needed to stick to our intercourse schedule. She said to keep everything as previously planned and we'll see what happens.

And several things point me to the fact that I might have ovulated. 1. My temp has been high for 2 days. 2. My temp is higher than its ever been (except when I took provera). 3. My cm has dried up. Its never done that before. Really.

So I'm waiting until tomorrow to see for sure. Not only do I go in for a blood draw to confirm or deny ovulation, but it would be my third high temp in a row. My body has tricked me before... giving me two high temps in a row and then plummeting. But they've never been this high before... Oh, and my nipples are so sore. This has only happened once before, and it was a cycle in which I got my period (which means I ovluated). So that's hopeful (but painful! My God!).

I'm cautiously optimistic. I'd LOVE to become pregnant this cycle. But more than anything? I'd just like to ovulate.

Is that too much to ask?


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