Friday, April 28, 2006

Hello, my name is Silently Hoping, and I?

Am a reality TV junkie.

No seriously its bad. And I don't even have CABLE.

(I'll let all who are shocked by the lack of cable recover. Better? okay, moving on).

My week consists of either trying very hard to watch the shows I love, or reading the updates online. Because I just can't go a day without knowing what happened last night. So here are a few of my favs and my views and predictions.

American Idol: Oh man, am I glad that Kellie Pickler is gone. Being from the south, I get really really annoyed at people thinking that everyone from the south a.) has a really thick accent, b.) is really stupid, or c.) all of the above. Thanks Kellie for maintaining the stereotype. But anyway... I LOVE Chris, Taylor, and Elliot. Amazing. But if I had to pick a top two I think it'll go between Chris and Katherine. Though I'm not sure if Taylor has ever been in the bottom 3... hmmm..

America's Next Top Model: WOW! its like a train wreck people! You can't look away. And it has the makings of the best drinking game ever... if you drank any time Tyra said "America's Next Top Model" alone you'd be drunker than a skunk in no time. Anyway. I really liked Nnenna at first, but she got old. Very very old. I actually like Jade. I think that Jade reminds Tyra too much of Naomi Campbell and it frightens her. But I think Joanie is a contender too... she's really shined lately.

Amazing Race: The one reality TV show I'd actually be on. If I could find a partner. Anyway. I'd love either the Hippies or MoJo to win. I know MoJo is annoying to some... but I like them for some reason. The frat boys... eh. I dont' know what it is, I just can't like them. Just can't. I was oh so sad that the older couple left (I so can't remember their names right now? Fran? Barry? what?). They were just so cute! And they worked well together.

American Inventor: (Have you noticed that most reality shows have "American" in them? what's that about). This show is okay. But for some reason I still watch it. I really liked the new bike the kid designed last night. I'd buy it.

Survivor: SO over it. Haven't watched it since All Star's. Done and done.

Supernanny: Jo is awesome. LOVE her. Love this show! Being a psychology major (grad school) and Elementary Education major (undergrad) I can say that her methods are spot on. ha... look at me using British terms. Unfortunately I don't get to watch her much because I have dance class on Mondays. But I'll be so catching up this summer. oh yes!

WifeSwap/Trading Spouses: I can't ever keep these two straight. But they are funny! FUNNY! I only watch if I'm channel surfing and I catch them on, because I can't seem to remember when they come on or what channel. But oh! That "Christian lady" who went all psycho? UGH! PLEASE PLEASE don't use her as an example of what Christians are like. Seriously? She scared me a bit. And we are NOT all like that. I promise.

So yeah, those are the shows I like. I don't get to watch them all every week... but they are awesome!


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