Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Best. Sound. Ever.

So yesterday I had my second doctor appointment. I don't know if I'm a weird pregnant lady or what, but the 4 weeks in between appointments are pretty much torture right now. I can't feel the baby move so I really have no idication that things are going right. All you have are indications that nothing went wrong... which aren't really all that reliable.

So yeah, I'm nervous before going to any appointment. I'm terrifed they won't find the heartbeat, that bad things will have happened and I didn't know. And most scary -- that I caused it. Its probably all the extra hormones making me crazy also...

But! The appointment was awesome. We got to hear the hearbeat, and its beautiful. I was so shocked I couldn't even cry. I just sat there, smiling with my eyes bugged out. But I cried all the way home. Oh yes, I did. I can't explain it, hearing that heartbeat kinda made things real. I mean, there are 2 heartbeats inside of me right now... mine and the baby's. And its been that way since the baby was about 4 weeks old. God is amazing.

Other than that, things are fantastic. The tests from the gallon of blood they took last time all turned out great, my blood pressure is wonderful, and I didn't gain any weight. So I have a total weight gain of 2 pounds. I hesitate to put that out there... but its part of the pregnancy, so I figured I'd share. :)

The baby is now the size of a fig. They always compare the size of the baby to fruit, which I find really strange.


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