Thursday, May 11, 2006

Updating... because maybe someday people will read this...

Hello my non-readers!

Things are good with me. I'm now 10 week pregnant and trying to hang in there. I'm really looking forward to this supposed 2 trimester energy that I keep hearing about. Until then I guess I'll keep sleeping 9 hours a night and still be tired.

I'm really not fitting into my normal clothes anymore. Why is that? I'm all of 10 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a small orange (or something like that). It baffles my mind.

But! What a great time to be pregnant. Seriously! I mean, between gaucho pants (however you may feel about them) and the stretchy skirts I can find "normal" clothes that fit me everywhere. Its pretty nice.

Also? The bella band. Yeah, it may not stay in place all the time, but man... I'm wearing my normal clothes and I'm SO comfortable. Its a lifesaver. Now I don't have to run frantically and buy tons of maternity clothes. Especially because I've had offers from several people to share... ah, so there are perks to being one of the last people you hang out with to get pregnant.

Man... I gotta say. The boob growth is nice too. I've gone from an A to a C. (C!) Its crazy. But nice. I finally have cleavage! Woo!

So this was random. I promise to have a better formed entry in the future...


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